Better together

We are both incredibly passionate about not only taking care of our bodies on the outside with movement and fitness but also nurturing what goes on inside.

We are both caring, loving Mum’s who also understand first hand the importance of human connection and support on every level, for everyone.

Our Purpose

With our already established Well Fit Breaks brand, we are wanting to evolve with the key purpose to provide Womens Well-Being to support the Women of Bali in particular the Maternity and Lactation Clinic through developing Well Fit Breaks philanthropic side.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give women a break from the norm by investing in their own well-being in beautiful Bali, while supporting the women of Bali Sehat. With this in mind each and every one of our retreats, we will take time to visit the hospital, and donate time to help where needed. As part of our mission we will raise more global awareness and funds for other women that are less privileged but, deserve the care, love support and medical assistance for any new Mum.

The Future with Well Fit

Our future goal is to incorporate the well-being of Balinese ladies, and in particular the maternity ward and lactation clinic of Bali Sehat. We would love not only to donate with our time, money and essential needs but, with our first hand experience of how difficult, physically, mentally and emotionally having children can be, our experience to help support these local woman.

In return we would love to be able to watch the growth of not only the babies born but their’s and their mothers well-being. With the potential of our clients sponsoring these babies, we offer these families a chance to change their future.

A commitment from you

  1. Please bring something from our wish list to help support maternity and new born needs.

    ** wish list to be sent out 2 weeks before departure

  2. Dedicate time whilst in Bali to visit the Hospital to help with organising donations, washing, cleaning, etc.
  3. An annual donation of $100 AUD upwards, that goes directly to the Hospital

Let’s all be a part of changing lives together.


Donate to Bali Sehat

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