Amanda Lau


Amanda Lau


Some people take the week off work, some people book a day at the spa. But me, I book an annual Wellness & Fitness retreat to the beautiful Bali, and I have done so since my first one in 2017.

Before I start raving about my experience, please note that I don’t get paid to endorse other businesses or products, I only share what I truly love and feel passionate about and this is one of the biggies.

I mentioned WellFit breaks in an earlier blog, as it was one of the big things that contributed to changing my life.Well this was my third year on WellFit, and let’s just say I’ve already paid my deposit for next year because every time I come home, I’m a better version of myself.

WellFit breaks is run by two amazing humans, Bex and Kricket (Rebecca & Kristina).

Kricket & Bex

A little bit about these two:

Bex is a Personal trainer – a coach for your outsides but also loves doing the inner work.

Kricket is a mind body coach – your personal cheerleader and coach for your insides.

These two powerhouses are like Yin and Yang but have the most infectious and uplifting energy to share with the world. I’d love to bottle that shit up and take it home with me after every retreat. Warm sunshine in a bottle with a dash of tequila that would be.

When I tell other people I go on a retreat in Bali, people come up with all kinds of questions. Can you speak? Can you eat meat? Do you do Yoga? Can you drink alcohol?

The answer is Yes, Yes, Yes and Hell yes!

This is the realest retreat I’ve ever heard of.

If you want to get your ass kicked at training every morning by Bex – DO IT

If you want to wake up, do a sunrise beach walk and have a big brekkie instead – DO IT

Everything is optional. It’s your retreat – you do you boo.

So what does a WellFit break actually include?

Firstly – YOU

An amazing group of women who support and uplift each other. There’s nothing more powerful than having a circle of women share the shit their dealing with in a safe and loving environment.

WellFit Breaks Goodie Bag – I’m a sucker for a goodie bag. It’s a good dose of self-care all bundled up just for you.

My regular favourites of the goodie bag would have to be the WellFit singlet (which I pretty much live in for training whilst on retreat) and the Journal. We live in such a rat race and hardly get the down time to actually write a gratitude list or write about what thoughts are swirling around our minds – I always end up writing a lot whilst I’m away on WellFit.

I also love the samples that are included. After the retreat I ended up ordering my first tub of Vitality Super Greens from Switch Nutrition. We were having it daily on retreat and I decided I needed to order some when I got back home. I now drink it everyday before brekkie!

Training sessions – Bex is an amazing trainer and she accommodates for all fitness levels and injuries. There are sweaty training sessions in one of the best resort gym’s I’ve seen as well as Komune’s Muscle Beach and the big open space of the oval.

Mt Batur Climb – Now, this is seriously one of the most physically and mentally challenging things I’ve ever done but I’m addicted to climbing Mount Batur to watch the sunrise. The first year I pretty much had a guide pulling me up the mountain, last year my fitness was on point and I had a point to prove. I was getting my ass up that mountain without assistance. Of course, I was on the verge of crying tears of joy when I got up there and watched that beautiful burning sun on the horizon of Mt Agung nearby. Absolutely friggen magical. This year felt easier and quicker than previous but still beyond beautiful.

The view from the top – one of my favourite places to watch the sun rise from Mt Batur.

Us early-birds and the mountain we conquered

Ice Baths – Now this was a first for me this year – Komune now have two ice baths ready to be filled for your post-training/climb DOMs. I’ve heard about the benefits of recovery from Ice Baths but I hate the cold, so I’ve never thought I’d actually try it. Everyone looked so calm doing it, so I thought I’d give it a go. The goal was to stay in for 2 minutes, so I jumped in, holy shit it was cold, I was trying to control my breathing through my mouth (silly me) and all I could feel was pain. Feet = pain, hands = pain. All I could think of was Shit, Shit, shit ABORT MISSION! And I made it just shy of 1 minute before I had to get my ass out of the bath.

Not going to lie, I thought I would’ve hated it but once I was out, I was so keen to try it again the next day, and I did. Controlled my breath thanks to some coaching from my fellow WFBs and made it to 2 minutes, probably could’ve lasted longer if I wanted to. Honestly after doing the Ice Bath’s, my chronic hip pain felt pretty much non-existent, I might just fill my bathtub up at home every now and then with kgs of Ice just for fun.

Here’s a pic of me in the gardens of the spa, looking and feeling all Zen after my beautiful Balinese Massage.

Daily Spa treatments – If Ice Baths aren’t your thing and you’re after something a little more relaxing, there are 1-hour spa treatments included as a part of the retreat and the Spa is open til 9pm! My favourite would have to be the Balinese Massage and just before bedtime, is absolute bliss. Not to mention the amazing ginger tea and cold face towel they provide afterwards. If I arrive early before the retreat starts, I normally opt for the coconut scrub and massage. 1 hour Balinese Massage, full body coconut scrub and 20 or so minutes relaxing in the most beautiful candlelit milk bath filled with flowers and amazingness (this one was at my own cost but another ritual I have before the start of each retreat #noregrets).

Vision Boards – I love love love vision boards. I did a little vision board workshop with some friends a few months back and even though some were sceptical, they still played a long. I have one real rock chick friend who put a picture of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith on her board, I told her to journal about it and act like it was done, really feel it. A few weeks later I received a message from her whilst at work saying “OMG MY VISION BOARD WORKED I JUST MET STEVEN TYLER!” no word of a lie, it happened. Visualisation is a powerful thing and I love getting creative and seeing what I rip out of magazines.

Kricket does an amazing vision board workshop, and begins with a lovely meditation to help bring you into the present moment. Then you let your creative juices flow. My theme this year seemed to have be a whole lot of tuning in with myself and following my intuition.

My most colourful and filled vision board yet

Yoga – We did a pretty amazing Yin Yoga session with Nicole. The last couple of sessions I’ve had with her I’ve honestly felt so relaxed, I’m sure I’ve fallen asleep.

Loved these Unicorn Affirmation cards!

Meditation – Throughout the retreat, there are opportunities for some guided meditation with Kricket. Honestly, I struggle to meditate as my brain doesn’t shut-up half of the time but when Kricket puts on some soothing music, there is just something about her voice that takes you to another place when you gently close your eyes. The Sunrise meditation is also something pretty calming and magical– watching the sunrise alone is breathtaking.

Hidden Canyon

Hidden Canyon – This was something new this year. We took a 10minute or so drive from Komune to Hidden Canyon.

I love climbing rocks and water and the combination of both with an amazing group was a whole lot of laughs and a good day out. If you’re game enough, the lovely guides will let you jump on the jungle swing or jump off the boulders into the water below! Right out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens!

Seeing a Healer – Every time I’ve come to Bali, I’ve always seen some sort of healer. The first year I don’t think I was ready for it in my anxious state and found some of what the healer said as hard to swallow. Nonetheless it was an amazing experience. Last year I saw a different healer, at the same place where Julia Roberts went to see the healer featured in the movie Eat Pray Love. Absolutely beautiful. When I was there, I received a traditional blessing and he made me a bracelet which I still wear today.

This year was a bit different. Kricket organised sessions for those who wanted them with a Reiki Master named Graham. Graham is actually from Ireland but we had heard through word of mouth that he was amazing. A two-hour healing session with him will leave you coming out feeling a lot lighter. Another wonderful experience you should definitely try if you have the time to.

The nourishing food – The food at Komune is next level. I love that Komune have a little organic garden for their veggies and this year they’ve even implemented a Plant-based menu!!! The first morning I had a coconut chia s bowl at The Health Hub and Wowza it was delicious.

The variety of food is truly amazing and you can get your local favourites like Nasi Goreng, pizzas, pastas, poke bowls and burgers (plant-based too if that’s you’re thing!).

Plus, there’s also a range of icy cold juices and even protein shakes available for that post-workout refuel.

The Coconut Chia Bowl & fresh juice I had for breakfast at the Health Hub, Komune Bali.

A new tribe – What I love about WellFit breaks is that you always end up with a group of like-minded people. These amazing souls are there to listen without judgement, support you and lift you up. You’ve pushed yourself through physical and mental obstacles with this tribe and you end up being friends long after the retreat has ended. Or you rebook and have a little retreat reunion the following year!

I can rave on and on about this but you’re never going to know how truly amazing this is unless you experience it for yourself.

I’ve already paid my deposit for 2020, so if you’re keen to experience a life-changing week in the beautiful Bali, head over to the WellFit Breaks Facebook page or contact us here.